BOur door drying racks provide an extremely efficient and practical way to safely dry your newly finished doors so that they will remain clean and undamaged, and at they same time save you a great deal of physical strain and time. Our door drying racks allow twelve doors to dry in a space approximately 39” wide and about 100” in length for standard 80 inch tall doors. Now, one man can even load and unload the doors from the Rotary Stands or the Door Drying Racks with the use of our “Door Caddy”.

Doors hang in the rack in the vertical position and this has many advantages. First, when you hang doors vertically, bowing of the doors is basically eliminated. Secondly, there is very little opportunity for the doors newly applied finish to be contaminated by airborne dust or lint in the air. Third, for those that are finishing your doors lying flat, you will find that our drying rack system is at least 10 times more space efficient than saw horse type fixtures. Fourth, this is the optimum drying position for doors to dry quickly because this position provides the shortest possible distance for solvents to travel in order to leave the door. Fifth, the doors hang well off of the ground where they are much less likely to be contaminated with dust or damaged by physical contact. Sixth, when hanging or removing doors from our racks you are working with a straight back and legs and this is much easier on you physically.

It is also much easier on your arms and hands because it is simply much easier to handle the doors when working at a comfortable working height and the door brackets also make perfect handles. Seventh, the doors can not rock to touch another door. Eighth, our door racks are light weight and are easily transported or they can easily be stored when not in use. Ninth, you can get accustomed to not having fingerprints or lines and ridges in your work because nothing needs to come in contact with the two major surfaces of the door while drying. To put it simply, our door drying racks have much more to offer over other methods of drying doors.