Transport Rack

Eliminates nearly all door transport damage.

Many shops must also deal with getting doors from the shop to the job site. Accidental damage can be very costly in terms of the costs due to time spent to repair dings or even door replacement. Our “Transport Rack” basically eliminates most accidental door damage and saves a great deal of time because doors no longer need to be padded and strapped for transport. Our “standard” transport rack holds 17 doors and can be installed or removed from full sized pickups and vans in 5 minutes or less. We offer a larger 24 door transport rack for those that use larger trucks or trailers for delivery. The doors can not rock to touch an adjoining door, yet they are easily lowered into or lifted out of the racks. Our transport racks also work great in your shop for storing doors safely; the doors can also be easily covered to protect them from dirt and over-spray. We have even built custom rolling racks with pneumatic wheels.