“Rotary Stands” doors in vertical position for drying



“Rotary Stands” showing “one finger” door rotation


“Rotary Stands” showing material application

To get things started right, we provide a template that insures fast and easy door bracket placement. It should not take more than 90 seconds to attach a pair of brackets on a door. Once the brackets have been installed, every step of the finishing process can be done far more efficiently and quickly. Just imagine, rotating the door with just one finger; or you can lock it in place to keep it from turning. All sanding and finish applications are done with the doors suspended in our Rotary Stand. For those that are finishing your door lying flat, a 12 door project will require about 1/3 as much room for spraying, for an 18 door project about 1/5 as much room.

Our Rotary Stands are typically used in sets of four or more. We have found that with most of the fast tacking materials today, there is normally no wasted time when using at least four sets of Rotary Stands. The spraying process takes only minutes for all 4 doors. All surfaces will have been finished on all four doors, and the doors have only been handled once. The doors can then be easily hung in our drying racks to dry quickly, cleanly, and safely. When you do have to handle doors it is done with ease. With our precision door brackets attached there is a comfortable handle and the door is balanced. Door transfers are done with your arms extended straight down; putting far less strain on your back, hands, arms, and shoulders. Your back and legs generally remain straight.

For commercial contractors that roll and back brush doors because they can’t spray on the job site, our equipment can make your job much easier too. You can turn out much better work and you can do it faster. Stop fighting gravity and let gravity work for you. Put on a generous coat and let it flow out. When the material has tacked up, you can easily rotate the door with one finger and then finish the second side. This is an enormous physical handling advantage over traditional finishing methods. There is a much less tired and exhausted individual at the end of the day when you use our equipment.

Don’t forget we now offer the “Door Caddy”, that allows just one person to transfer doors from one piece of equipment to another with ease. Using our “Door Caddy”, you simply “roll” the door to wherever you want it. After “lifting and sliding” the Door Caddy from the door bracket, you simply lower the door into either the Rotary Stand or the Drying Rack. The Door Caddy makes moving doors easy, fast and safe; even for one man shops.