“Door Caddy” installation or removal


“Door Caddy” sitting over Drying Rack

The Roto Finish Systems “Door Caddy” is the successful culmination of a number of years of brainstorming and multiple proto-types that came close but didn’t quite meet our expectations of performance and excellence. Then one day the concept came to me, the perfect way to allow one man to move doors (either wet or dry). The days of needing two people to move heavy doors are basically over; at least for those people that are using our equipment. One person can now complete a door finishing project from beginning to end; without any help, in most all cases.

Our door brackets are the heart of the whole door system. The door brackets are attached at the very beginning of the finishing project and they remain attached until the doors are completed, even for delivery if you are taking advantage of our door Transport Rack. With the door brackets attached already, the Door Caddy receiver tube (there are two separate end pieces) is simply slid over the handle (square tube) of the door bracket and the “pinch bolt” is tightened with your fingers (this will lock the Door Caddy onto the door bracket).

We have designed the Door Caddy so that it stands up; therefore it can be easily reached to be installed. The Door Caddy comes with a special “Easy Lift” handle that allows complete and unencumbered access to the door bracket handles to allow the Door Caddy ends to be installed or removed. With the Door Caddy ends installed on the door brackets, the door is suspended in the air and on wheels; ready to be moved. One of the Door Caddy ends has a handle bar on it to allow easy control of the door for pushing or directional control. Simply roll the door to the Rotary Stands or the Drying Rack for the next step of the finishing process.

Once again use the lift handle to lift the door slightly to allow the Door Caddy to be removed (slid off). Then simply lower the door bracket tube onto either the Rotary Stand or the Door Drying Rack. The same process is repeated for both ends of the door. The Door Caddy wheels roll easily over the bases of both our Rotary Stands and Door Drying Racks. It’s simple, easy, efficient and very affordable. Once again, we know of nothing on the market that even comes close to doing what the “Door Caddy” can do for you, nothing!! Give us a call if you have any questions or if you are ready to order.