“Super Rack” trim drying rack


Portable “Super Rack”

Our “Super Rack” trim drying rack is a “state of the art” piece of equipment for the contractor that needs to be able to dry a large amount of trim in a reasonably small amount of space. Our trim drying rack will handle approximately 4000 lineal feet of 2¼” trim board (that’s allowing for an air gap between boards), with sticks ranging from 6 feet to over 16 feet with ease. Much smaller lengths and smaller individual pieces can also be dried when our optional storage shelves and spanner bars are used. There are NO corner posts to work around and therefore you do not have to “poke and feed” long pieces into and through our racks.

Our racks are loaded from either of two sides and the entire rack can be easily loaded or unloaded. Even the middle of the rack is accessible with ease and there is ample room to reach into the various levels (eleven levels total) to install or remove trim. Our “rolling rack” has six casters that allow easy movement of a fully loaded trim rack; there are also brakes that you can lock when you want to make sure that the rack stays put when you want it to. Our racks come with a durable powder coat finish for easy cleaning.

We also offer the same trim handling capacity in a folding portable version for those that do their work on the job site. The portable model only requires about twenty minuets of time and a pair of pliers to assemble. There is no “assembly as you go”, once it’s up; it’s ready to go until the job is done. When you want a lot of production and you have limited space, don’t settle for anything less than the “Super Rack”.