I finish my doors upright; how will your equipment help me?

If you are presently finishing your doors standing upright, you will find that our equipment will allow you to achieve much greater material build in fewer coats, resulting in a significantly deeper and richer looking finish. All spraying is done well off of the floor so that dirt and dust stay on the floor where it should be and not blown into your work. Sags and runs can be nearly eliminated; gravity works for you and not against you with our system. You will not have to put your hands on the doors again in order to handle them, once our precision door brackets have been installed. As always, you will be able to enjoy ONE finger door rotation. Just imagine no more fingerprints to deal with in your finished work. With the Roto Finish Systems drying racks you will need about 1/4th as much room to dry freshly finished doors and yet they will dry quicker, cleaner, and be far less apt to be accidentally damaged. Our drying racks allow the doors to hang in the optimum drying position for fast and clean drying. When doors are either hung on, or removed from the drying racks; it is done with ease and the doors can’t touch an adjacent door while drying.

Finishing your doors lying flat? Our equipment is all about efficiency.

For those that are laying your doors down flat on saw horses or some similar configuration, you will find that you will not waste valuable time waiting for doors to dry. A door lying flat will generally require considerably more time to dry than a door in the vertical position and it will also be far more likely to be contaminated with airborne dust and lint. With the Roto Finish System, these problems are pretty much eliminated because the doors spend only a very brief time lying flat; only when the finish is applied. Materials need only tack-up and the door can then be rotated with ONE finger and the second side can also receive a finish coat. As soon as the second side has tacked-up, the door can be rotated to the vertical position to dry; or removed from the Rotary Stands and immediately hung vertically in our Door Drying Rack to dry safely and cleanly. For a 12 door project you will require about 1/3 as much room for spraying, for an 18 door project about 1/5 as much room. You will find that our drying rack system is at least 10 times more space efficient than saw horse type fixtures. You do not have to worry about lines or ridges being left in your freshly finished door surfaces because with our equipment, the door has been suspended in mid air by the door brackets. There is nothing touching the main surfaces of the door for either the finishing or drying process. For commercial contractors that roll and back brush doors because they can’t spray on the job site, our equipment can make your job much easier too. You can turn out much better work and you can do it faster. Stop fighting gravity and let gravity work for you. Put on a generous coat and let it flow out. When the material has tacked up, you can easily rotate the door with one finger and then finish the second side.